Kipling Avenue Six Points Construction (6 Points)

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Ongoing construction on the east side of Kipling Ave has moved to the western lanes.

  • Active traffic lanes have shifted to the eastern side of the roadway.
  • One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained along Kipling Avenue at all times.
  • Current access to ramps to and from Kipling will be maintained.

 Work includes the installation of utilities crossing Kipling including new watermains, and storm water sewers at the new Dundas St and Kipling Ave intersection. This work is expected to be complete by June 2018.

For more information about this work, visit: or contact:

Nathan Jenkins
Field Ambassador, Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration​  |  416-338-7755

Kipling Station – Bus Roadway Work UPDATE (Night Work)

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TTC Bus Roadway Improvements @ Kipling Station

Start Date: July 17, 2017
End Date: June 2018
Night Work End Date: April 2018
*Content/timeline is accurate at time of posting.

TTC will be reconstructing/rebuilding:

  • ramp leading up to the bus roadway
  • rebuilding the roadway within the TTC property

All work will take place behind the construction hoarding. A safe work zone area will be established to allow the contractor to work during the day without impacting customers.

[READ] Work Description, Purpose, Hours – Full Notice

Inclusionary Zoning (The Province) and Affordable Housing

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Draft Legislation has been released by the Provincial Government just prior to Christmas. Please review here.

The city and residents have not been provided with much time to review and respond. Councillor Di Ciano, Planning and Growth and others have serious concerns with the draft Legislation.

WATCH Planning & Growth Committee, January 15, 2018 deputations and discussion

READ Bill 7 – Response to the Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Regulation 

How to participate

You are invited to share your comments and ideas on the summary of proposed content by February 1, 2018.

There are several ways you can give us your feedback:

  • email us
  • submit your comments through the Environmental Registry website (Notice #013-1977)
  • write to us at:
    • Provincial Planning Policy Branch
    • Ministry of Municipal Affairs
    • 777 Bay Street, 13th Floor
    • Toronto, ON M5G 2E5

As seen in our February 2018 eNews

Upcoming Metrolinx March 8, 2018 Board Meeting – Key Items

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On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the Metrolinx Board of Directors will meet to discuss several items that may be of interest to you. A list of posted documents is below and the materials can be reviewed on the Metrolinx website.


Integrated Art


The Metrolinx Integrated Art Program is a corporate initiative that applies a guideline of 1% capital construction costs to artwork, embedded in transit infrastructure design. The Program applies region-wide on all Metrolinx projects over $10M. A presentation will be made to the Board to provide an update on the public launch of the program; an overview of the integrated artworks at the Eglinton Crosstown LRT stations; a summary of program benefits to our customers and the public; and upcoming project announcements and review of program growth.


PRESTO Privacy


Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has reviewed Metrolinx’s policies and practices as presented to the Board in 2017 and recommended only minor changes. For PRESTO’s privacy policy, these include adding: headings, to provide clarity; additional language to better align with the text of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and including a separate paragraph to identify that disclosures to law enforcement may include circumstances where disclosure is initiated by Metrolinx, such as where an offence has occurred on Metrolinx’s property. The revised PRESTO Policy reflecting these changes will be updated online as soon as possible.


Regional Transportation Plan and Next Steps


The Draft Final 2041 Regional Transportation Plan (2041 RTP), Making it Happen Paper (Paper) and Engagement Report will be presented to the Board.  The Draft Final 2041 RTP builds upon the strong support expressed towards the Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan’s vision, goals and strategies and reflects the extensive feedback received from provincial, municipal, NGO and public stakeholders, as summarized in the Engagement Report.  The Paper is intended to launch the dialogue about implementation, setting out key considerations, principles and opportunities for analysis and engagement that would realize the 2041 RTP. Through the Paper we will engage with our provincial, municipal, and non-governmental partners and input received will guide activities over the life of the plan.


GO Expansion RER New Stations – Business Case Analysis


Based in the Metrolinx Benefits Management process, a technical and staff report on New Stations Business Case Analysis will go to the Board.  These reports will document the 12 Preliminary Design Business Cases prepared for stations previously recommended for inclusion in the GO Expansion RER program in June 2016, as well as five Updated Initial Business Cases. The reports describe how the costs and benefits have evolved as planning, design, and operational models for the GO Expansion RER program have progressed.
On March 8, 2018 at 9:45am, you will be able watch the meeting, which will be streamed live at

Pesticide Use Notification: Spring Garden Park

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Note: Program has been reviewed by the Integrated Plant Health Care (IPHC) Section as being in compliance with current provincial pesticide legislation and has received authorization at the Director level. The Area Ministry of Natural Resources Supervisor has been consulted in the interpretation and application of the Forestry Exception of the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban.