Bike Lane Pilot Project Update

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This item is on the Agenda of Public Works and Infrastructure October 18th, 2017. The Staff Report recommends retaining the Bike Lanes on a permanent basis.

[Public Works and Infrastructure Committee Agenda]

[Data Report]


In total there were 371 more cyclists per day for all three streets: Bloor, Harbord and Dupont [See report]

Traffic did divert both to Dupont ( + 1,467 per day ) and Harbord ( + 584 per day ). Vehicle count was down on Bloor as a result of this diversion by -3,888 per day.


This will be debated at City Council November 7, 2017. 


Big thank you to everyone who contacted our office with their position on this issue!

Given that the downtown context is somewhat different from Etobicoke – will Etobicoke residents supports removing a lane of traffic each way on Bloor Street W?  Please do let us know.


GTAA October Update re: Mitigating Impacts of Aircraft Noise on Local Residents

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An announcement from GTAA – October 12, 2017:



This fall and winter, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) will continue to reach a number milestones toward mitigating the impacts of aircraft noise on local residents. As part of our commitment to keep elected officials informed about key activities, we would like to inform you of another milestone: our Residents’ Reference Panel’s final report:


The Residents’ Reference Panel was comprised of 36 residents who met throughout the spring and fall. The members were selected at random, but in such a way that they broadly represent the demographics of the Greater Toronto Area – in terms of gender, age, home ownership, and other criteria. The panel make-up was also more heavily weighted towards residents from neighbourhoods that are impacted aircraft noise.


During their four meetings together, the panelists  learned from a range of experts and community stakeholders. They used information collected from meetings with stakeholders, public workshops, an extensive noise-fairness survey of GTA residents, and information sessions to inform their report. 


Among their recommendations, the panel suggests that the airport:

  • Become a leader in the adoption of noise mitigation measures, including incentives for airlines to retrofit or use quieter aircraft, new night flight restrictions, and a noise insulation program for affected households;
  • Explore other options to mitigate noise on the ground before implementing a noise sharing program, which should only be pursued if respite afforded to communities is meaningful and predictable;
  • Adopt new annual reporting measures that quantify the health, environmental, and noise impacts of the airport’s operations;
  • Communicate proactively with neighbouring communities concerning future growth and the impact of its operations; and
  • Collaborate with municipal partners to review and adopt more stringent zoning requirements to ensure that no new residences are built in areas impacted by airport operations.


Details of the report will be reviewed in the coming weeks to determine how best to reflect the proposed principles, values and recommendations in a number of important projects, including: consultation on the Toronto Noise Mitigation Initiatives, the 2017-2037 Master Plan, and our updated 2017-2022 Noise Management Action Plan. This report will complement – not replace – public consultation on any major decisions that Toronto Pearson makes in the future.


Look for the full Residents’ Reference Panel Report here:

Weekend Event with a Road Closure – October 6 – 10, 2017 [FULL DETAILS]

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The Toronto Maple Leafs’ home opening hockey game on Saturday will affect Bremner Boulevard near the Air Canada Centre in downtown Toronto. Businesses in the area affected will be open to pedestrian traffic.

In addition to the road closure related to this event, a significant amount of road work is taking place in the city. People are encouraged to take public transit as a greener, faster and more affordable way of getting to their destinations.

Those who need to drive in the general vicinity of special events should allow extra time to get to and from their destinations. A more complete list of events and road work is available at TTC customers can receive information about service diversions by subscribing to eAlerts at or by following @TTCnotices on Twitter.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ home opener – Bremner Boulevard will be closed to traffic from Lake Shore Boulevard West to the parking garages just east of York Street on Saturday, October 7 from 6 a.m. to midnight as a result of activities tied to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home-opening game of the hockey season at the Air Canada Centre.

Economic Development + Culture Divisional Strategy (2018-2022)

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The City of Toronto’s Economic Development and Culture Division is developing a new Divisional Strategy to establish priorities over the next five years (2018-2022). The Division is seeking your input on emerging opportunities, challenges and areas of focus as they relate to economic development and culture in the City. 

Members of the public are encouraged to respond to the Conversation Guide by completing an online survey or providing a written submission by October 2, 2017. 

Calling All Dog Owners’ Associations (DOAs)! [MORE INFO]

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The City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation Division is seeking interested community members to form a Dog Owners’ Associations (DOA).
A DOA is a requirement outlined in the City’s Council-approved, People, Dogs and Parks – Off-Leash (DOLA) Policy, New DOLA requests require a DOA be formed; a minimum of two local residents, who agree to represent their local dog community and the City on an ongoing basis.
DOAs help DOLAs function smoothly, as they are Parks, Forestry and Recreation’s direct liaison to the community. We value strongly the role that DOAs play, including the opportunity to foster strong, positive working relationships between the City and the local community.
All City DOLAs are required to have a Dog Owner’s Association. Dog Owner Associations are critical to the effective functioning of a DOLA by being Parks, Forestry and Recreation’s liaisons to the community. We value strongly the role that Dog Owners’ Associations play, including the opportunity to foster strong, positive working relationships between the City and the local community.
The roles and responsibilities of the existing DOA would be to:
  • Act as the main contacts for the local DOLA community
  • Carry on-going communication between City staff and local community members including: o Asking city staff questions on behalf of community members
  • Providing information to other users on behalf of city staff
  • Helping members and staff improve the DOLA experience through conversations with Parks staff
  • Fostering a positive, lively dog owner community
If you are interested on taking on this role, contact

Toronto Animal Services Role with Wildlife in the City

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Toronto Animal Services (TAS) does not provide services to remove or eradicate wildlife, including skunks and racoons etc… TAS provides educational information on species of wildlife which are found in this city and different ways residents can make their properties less attractive to wildlife. If wildlife is causing damage, nuisance, or has taken up residence on private property, the property owner can contact a private wildlife removal company to remove a den or wildlife proof their property.

Wild animal populations are cyclical and naturally fluctuate from year to year in different areas of the city. The key to having less negative encounters with wildlife is for residents to make sure they are not inadvertently providing animals with a food source or shelter on their property, however casual encounters of wildlife outdoors is to be expected.

Toronto Animal Services will respond to calls for an injured or sick animal which needs to be euthanized, and pick up deceased animals. If someone comes across a sick, injured or deceased animal, they should contact 311. More detailed information on wildlife encounters and solutions can be found on the Toronto Wildlife Centre’s website

Vacant Home Tax

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The City has launched an online survey and will be hosting a public consultation at City Hall about a potential implementation of a tax on vacant residential units.

As part of the Ontario Fair Housing Plan, the Province of Ontario introduced legislation that would empower the City of Toronto to introduce a tax on vacant residential units in order to encourage property owners to sell unoccupied units or rent them out, and address concerns about residential units potentially being left vacant.

Vancouver, facing a similar issue with housing affordability, adopted an Empty Home Tax in late 2016.

City staff presented the report EX 26.4: Implementing a Vacant Home Tax in Toronto to Council at its meeting of July 4-7, 2017. The report was adopted and Council requested City staff to undertake public consultation about:

  • Whether Toronto should implement a tax on vacant residential units
  • Potential public policy benefits of a property tax on vacant residential units
  • Potential implementation of a tax on vacant residential units in Toronto

Privacy rights prevent the use of personal or private information, such as water or hydro meter data, from being used as a means of identifying potentially vacant units. Therefore, the City is considering three options that could be used to identify vacant homes for taxation:

  • Mandatory declaration of occupancy status by all property owners
  • Self-Reporting Model
  • Complaints Basis

Background decisions when Council considered EX 26.4: Implementing a Vacant Home Tax in Toronto

In response, staff have prepared the following:

Website and Online Survey

Residents are encouraged to visit to take the online survey that will be available until September 5. Results of the survey will be summarized in a report to Council in the fall.

Link to website

Link to survey

Public Consultation

Residents can share their views at a public meeting:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 1
100 Queen St. W.

Police Auto Dialer Update – 2016

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The TPS (Toronto Police Services) has advised that they are not currently looking at returning to the auto-dialer system and that they are utilizing other forms of communication to inform the public on current events taking place within the TPS and the community.

Note that the Toronto Police Board has the ability to put forward such requests through their budget process should they feel it necessary and any systems that are implemented must be done so City-wide. The TPS Board would need to make a case for re-instatement (including numbers, costs, implementation, maintenance, estimated usage, benefit, etc.) and given that the auto-dialer system was phased out as most individuals prefer alternate forms of communication, it may be unlikely that the TPS Board would see it re-instated. Again, note it is the Toronto Police Board that make the final decision on such program matters, not Council. Council approves the TPS Budget as a whole, as part of the final Budget deliberations at the beginning of every year.

TPS has indicated however that a review of the auto-dialer system may take place in the future as part of the transformational changes within the Service which will be a part of the 2017 Budget. We look forward to such a time.


Support Your Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)

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22 Division’s Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) is made up of community volunteers and police service representatives from the local division’s geographic area. Each committee is inclusive to reflect the demographics of the local community.

With the goal of creating safer communities through the delivery of police services that includes aspects of traditional law enforcement, as well as prevention, problem-solving, community engagement, and partnerships; CPLC encourages community engagement through the active participation of its members in the community.

Come out to a meeting and be a part of keeping your community safe!