2915 BLOOR ST. W – Montgomery Condominium

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The Montgomery Condominium background –

City of Toronto BY-LAW No. 646-1999

  1. (b) (ii) the maximum building height shall be 20.0 m, measured from the finished grade elevation to the top of the roof slab, excluding the parapet, mechanical penthouse, stair enclosures, and roof-top conservatory, provided that such uses do not exceed a height of 5 m


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2915 Bloor St. OMB – Additional Background Material

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Additional background material:

The decision on 4187 Dundas and the fight against the Applicant by the residents group KRAPP (no longer a working group) is sited by many at this time in relation to the present day fight against 2915 Bloor Street West.

Both documents/decisions may be read in full on our website: www.councillordiciano.ca

Sadly the Residents Group and the City Lost and the OMB approved the application.

It is interesting to note that after being approved at 7 by the OMB the Applicant was awarded another 8th storey at the same height at Committee of Adjustment.

In summary, the Board finds, having regard to the determinate policy documents, the PPS and the Etobicoke Official Plan, the proposal is an appropriate form of residential intensification at the subject site and constitutes good planning and is in the public interest.  The site is located on an arterial road, at an intersection with a collector road.  It is in an area which is changing and evolving to reflect a need for residential intensification in appropriate urban areas, a need to locate development in proximity to public transit and a desire to improve the urban environment along Dundas St. W., while, at the same time, preserving the character of stable neighbourhoods.  As the Board notes above, having regard to the Etobicoke OP and the Avenues Study, the height and density of the proposed building is to be considered in terms of impact on the low-rise residential neighbourhood to the south.  Some neighbours believe that the proposal represents too much height, density and change. The Board, having found that there would be no negative impact in terms of shadow, privacy, overlook, traffic or demand on public infrastructure, cannot find that the proposal will have a negative impact on the neighbourhood to the south.

The appeal with respect to the zoning by-law is allowed.  The zoning by-law will be amended substantially in accordance with attachment Exhibit # 10, Attachment 1.

The holding designation is to be lifted in accordance with the agreement of the City.

The Board will withhold its final order with respect to the site plan until it is provided with a final site plan and site plan conditions.  The Board expects to receive such site plan and conditions within six weeks of the date of issuance of this Decision.

This is the Order of the Board.


File Number: A437/1 1 EYK   Thursday, August 25, 2011

Notice was given and a Public Hearing was held on Thursday, August 25, 2011, as required by the Planning Act.


To construct an 8-storey residential condominium building with a total of 112 dwelling units.

It is the decision of the Committee of Adjustment to authorize this variance application for the following reasons. This decision is subject to the following condition(s):

  1. 8 storeys but no increase in height, i.e. the building maintains the 0MB approved height of 24.5

metres, not including rooftop mechanical rooms, rooftop amenity space (indoor and outdoor), screen walls,

railings and architectural features, and

  1. The proposed rooftop structures, including the mechanical penthouse, occupy a maximum area of 400 m2, and
  1. The cornice lines of the building project into the 45-degree angular plane above the 5’ floor or 15.11 metres on the south elevation of the building closest to the detached houses on Prince Edward Drive

Regretfully he history on this fight by KRAPP / Dean French and The City  does not provide a good precedence for success.


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