1185 The Queensway Development Application [ALL DETAILS & UPDATES]

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Our office has been contacted by an area resident, speaking on behalf of other affected residents, regarding an erected concrete block wall separating IQ 1 Parking from IQ 2 Parking on parking level P3 as part of construction at 1185 The Queensway site.

There was some confusion around who’s decision it was to erect the wall – the City or Remington? The letter below confirms by Richmond Architects that the City made it a requirement during the building permit process as part of the Building Code Consultant Report (see letter here):


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Inclusionary Zoning (The Province) and Affordable Housing

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Draft Legislation has been released by the Provincial Government just prior to Christmas. Please review here.

The city and residents have not been provided with much time to review and respond. Councillor Di Ciano, Planning and Growth and others have serious concerns with the draft Legislation.

WATCH Planning & Growth Committee, January 15, 2018 deputations and discussion

READ Bill 7 – Response to the Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Regulation 

How to participate

You are invited to share your comments and ideas on the summary of proposed content by February 1, 2018.

There are several ways you can give us your feedback:

  • email us
  • submit your comments through the Environmental Registry website (Notice #013-1977)
  • write to us at:
    • Provincial Planning Policy Branch
    • Ministry of Municipal Affairs
    • 777 Bay Street, 13th Floor
    • Toronto, ON M5G 2E5

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TTC Traffic Management at Subway Crescent + Dundas St. W.

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Councillor Di Ciano has requested the TTC Manager assess this intersection for a more efficient way to deal with congestion. The problem identified is the volume of traffic coming through the intersection due to road restrictions in the area.

TTC staff have offered suggestions to the City Transportation department.

We also want to alert you to a future closure on Subway Crescent to be scheduled when the Metrolinx construction begins. Of course once we have more information we will share.

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Development Charges, the New Bylaw Moves Along!

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Developers Must Pay Their Fair Share

At its meeting in January, The Executive Committee approved the following:

Statutory – Development Charges Act, SO 1997
Committee Decision
The Executive Committee:

1.  Referred input received through the statutory public meeting to the Interim Chief Financial Officer for consideration, and directed the Interim Chief Financial Officer to undertake further stakeholder consultation and report to the April 17, 2018 meeting of Executive Committee on the results.

2. Directed the Interim Chief Financial Officer, as part of the stakeholder consultation process, to consult further with:

a.  university and colleges, with the object of minimizing the impact arising from the proposed Development Charges By-law on delivering student housing;

b. the rental sector, with the objective of minimizing the impact through a special rental housing phase-in or deferral program and a new development charge category for that sector;

c. the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning on how the Development Charges By-law review aligns with the in-progress review of permissions for laneway suites within Toronto and East York District, further to the July 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2017 direction from City Council (Item TE25.108); and

d. the Director, Affordable Housing Office, on a review of predicted impact of the proposed Development Charges By-law on the Home Ownership Assistance Program, specifically with regards to access to affordable home ownership opportunities.

3.  Requested the Interim Chief Financial Officer to report on the possibility of continuing the exemption for non-profit housing as part of his further report.

4.  Requested the Interim Chief Financial Officer to review the possibility of a pilot project in Mount Dennis to provide development charge relief or other incentives to private investment in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and to report back to the Executive Committee in conjunction with the final report on development charges.


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