Alternative Routes Around the Six Points Interchange Construction

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The ramp at St. Albans Road to Kipling Avenue (to/from northbound lanes) is open to motorists as of Tuesday September 4, 2018. Sidewalks remain open to pedestrians along the west side of Kipling Avenue for north/south travel.

For questions or concerns regarding the Six Points Interchange Reconstruction, please contact:

Nathan Jenkins, Field Ambassador



We shared this link in our June eNewsletter, but wanted to share again along with suggestions for an alternate route through Michael Power Place (a popular thoroughfare due to construction). 

This link will send you to the Six Points Interchange Construction website and will allow you to view active roadway, alternate route, and travel maps for the area. Click here to access. Scroll down to accordion menu for ‘Alternate Route Suggestions’.
Detouring through Micheal Power Place:

Heading eastbound towards Michael Power Place it is recommended that you either:

  1. ​Turn left onto Bloor Street from the Plaza; then make a left turn onto Aukland Road traveling southbound; then a left turn onto Dundas Street traveling eastbound; or
  2. ​Turn right onto Bloor Street, then turn left onto Kipling Avenue traveling northbound; turn right onto Burnhamthorpe Road traveling eastbound; turn right onto Dundas Street traveling westbound; then turn left onto Michael Power Pl.

As seen in our July eNewsletter

Committee of Adjustment New Requirement for Members – Trees

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Parks and Environment Committee recommended, and City Council approved, that in the new term of Council members of Committee of Adjustment must have a knowledge of trees that is demonstrable and applicable to reviewing applications:

2.  City Council amend the criteria of Committee of Adjustment and Toronto Local Appeal Body Panels to include knowledge of, and/or background in, urban forestry and environmental planning.

As seen in our July eNewsletter

3429 Bloor St. W. Application – TLAB First Pre-Hearing Decision

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This is the Decision from the first Pre-Hearing Conference (“PHC”) regarding an appeal by DCMS Realty (Bloor-Islington) Inc. (“Appellant”) regarding an application for a Zoning By-law Amendment (“ZBA”) to facilitate the development of an 18-storey mixed use building on a property at 3429 Bloor Street West, Toronto. The Application was appealed because of the failure of City of Toronto (“City”) to make a decision regarding the ZBA.

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Public Meeting Notice – 5365 Dundas St. W. (“The Kip”) Application

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Request to Amend the Zoning By-law Application No. 17 260380 WET 05 OZ

You are invited to attend the public meeting to make your views known regarding the proposal. You may also submit written comments. 

To assist with scheduling, you are requested to call the City Clerk’s Office by 12 noon on July 3, 2018, if you plan to make comments at the meeting. The Community Council may request you to file an outline of your presentation with the Clerk.

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880-884 The Queensway Notice of LPAT Directions for Pre-hearing Conference

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NOTICE shall be given at least 30 days** prior to the date of the pre-hearing by sending:

• A copy of the Notice of Pre-hearing Conference and Rules 17.01 to 17.05 of the Tribunal’s Rules of Practice and Procedure;
• An explanation of the purpose and effect of the proposed by-law; and,
• A description of the subject land, a key map showing the subject land, or an explanation why no description or key map is provided.

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
655 Bay Street, 16th Floor Toronto, ON M5G 1E5
Monday September 10, 2018
10:00 AM

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Private Roadway Local Access ONLY on Viking Lane

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We wanted to give you a heads-up that NEW signs have been placed at the entry/exit points on Viking Lane restricting access onto Viking Lane from both Kipling Ave. and Dundas St. W. since this is a local road only.

We are aware that during the Six Points Reconfiguration construction there will be various diversions around this area. There is ample signage re-directing drivers into safe and planned routes during this time that don’t require an access via Viking Lane.

Should you have any concerns with signage, safety, accessibility or anything at all please do email us.

[VISIT] Six Points Interchange Website

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As seen in our June eNewsletter

The Humberview Motors Site at Montgomery Road

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There are rumours that the site has been sold. We have not had confirmation of this as we do not receive private real estate transaction details.

However, at Committee of Adjustment there was a request for the use as a car rental, which was approved. During the questions from the committee the representative was asked if a 3 year period for the variance was acceptable, the answer was ” yes as the site will be redeveloped”, this was publicly stated.

As such we do expect an application in the future, at this time nothing has been submitted to the Planning dept.

As seen in our June eNewsletter