Toronto Animal Services Role with Wildlife in the City

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Toronto Animal Services (TAS) does not provide services to remove or eradicate wildlife, including skunks and racoons etc… TAS provides educational information on species of wildlife which are found in this city and different ways residents can make their properties less attractive to wildlife. If wildlife is causing damage, nuisance, or has taken up residence on private property, the property owner can contact a private wildlife removal company to remove a den or wildlife proof their property.

Wild animal populations are cyclical and naturally fluctuate from year to year in different areas of the city. The key to having less negative encounters with wildlife is for residents to make sure they are not inadvertently providing animals with a food source or shelter on their property, however casual encounters of wildlife outdoors is to be expected.

Toronto Animal Services will respond to calls for an injured or sick animal which needs to be euthanized, and pick up deceased animals. If someone comes across a sick, injured or deceased animal, they should contact 311. More detailed information on wildlife encounters and solutions can be found on the Toronto Wildlife Centre’s website

Line 2 (Kipling + Islington Stations) Closed Aug 19/20 For Scheduled Work

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Line 2 between Kipling and Islington stations will be closed this weekend – August 19/20 for scheduled work. Work will involve rail and wood-tie replacement in the open-air section just west of Islington Station to the Bloor Street Bridge. Shuttle buses will operate between the two stations during the closure. Further information can be found online here.

Humber Bay Shores Water Testing & Recommendations for Safe Swimming

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Toronto Public Health conducts water quality testing at the 11 supervised beaches in Toronto between June and Labour Day. Humber Bay Shores is not a supervised swimming beach, and therefore it would not be monitored through our beach water quality testing program. Designation of swimming beaches is not dependent only on water quality, but also on safety.


The water at Humber Bay Shores becomes fairly deep within a few feet of the shore and moves very fast, and may not be safe for swimmers, especially if they are inexperienced or have weak swimming skills. Toronto Public Health recommends that residents and visitors swim in supervised areas that meet standards of water quality and water safety .

Traffic Calming Request on Paulart Dr. [REPORT FROM 2016]

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Back in August 2016, a traffic calming study was performed on Paulart Dr. Staff concluded that this is not recommended at this time. Residents can re-visit this traffic study next year after August 2018 (2 year period). There is a way residents can tackle any speeding concerns on Paulart Dr. in the meantime. We encourage you to read through to learn how.


Parklawn and The Queensway – Traffic Lights 2016

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City Staff investigated the above intersection between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and; 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday.

7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. – Many delays, particularly the northbound and the eastbound directions. Signals are maxing out at 144 seconds and they are on SCOOT system. Scoots system optimizes according to demand. It’s definitely pure volume (over capacity).

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Not as many delays, most of movements are clearing. Signals are also maxing out at 144 seconds and optimizing.

All lanes on the Gardiner Expressway are scheduled to re-open by August and we expect the volumes in the area of The Queensway and Park Lawn Rd to drop. Staff will continue to monitor the intersection once the construction work is completed on The Gardner Expressway.


Ballacaine Speed Humps at Parklawn School – 2016

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Councillor Di Ciano is pleased to advise that his motion for speed humps on Ballacaine in the area of Parklawn School was adopted at Community Council. The residents of the street will now be officially polled by the Clerk. Each home will receive this via Canada Post. If the poll results are favourable two speed humps will be constructed within the resurfacing project this year. It is up to the residents now! You must reply to the poll.

If the results are NOT favourable then speed humps will NOT be installed!

Poll ID: TCP 2016-073

Location: Ballacaine Dr

** Please note that recent “rumours” that this was 100% approved are not entirely accurate, positive results from the polling are still required. Justin has been working with staff for nearly a year now to bring this forward under the road resurfacing project. Justin takes road safety seriously (especially around schools), working within the city policies and his fellow councillors he is pleased to be able to bring this forward.

Please contact our office for the latest accurate information.

Bermuda Avenue Traffic Calming – 2016

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The Staff Report is now available. It does not recommend speed humps. Councillor Justin Di Ciano again supports the street residents and will bring the report forward to the May Community Council meeting May 10th, with a motion to direct the Clerk to conduct a polling of street residents.

Each home will receive this via Canada Post. If the poll results are favourable speed humps will be implemented as funding permits. It is up to the residents now! You must reply to the poll.

If the results are NOT favourable then speed humps will NOT be installed!

If you would like a copy of the report please contact our office.