TTC Traffic Management at Subway Crescent + Dundas St. W.

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Councillor Di Ciano has requested the TTC Manager assess this intersection for a more efficient way to deal with congestion. The problem identified is the volume of traffic coming through the intersection due to road restrictions in the area.

TTC staff have offered suggestions to the City Transportation department.

We also want to alert you to a future closure on Subway Crescent to be scheduled when the Metrolinx construction begins. Of course once we have more information we will share.

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Six Points Reconfiguration Construction Update

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Please be advised that the traffic on Bloor St. West, between Dunbloor Road and the CP rail line was switched to the south side of Bloor as of Friday December 1st as part of ongoing construction for the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration.

The Six Points website should be updated the week of December 4th making it easier to find information on the traffic changes in the Six Points area.  

Please continue to forward any construction related inquiries to:  

Nathan Jenkins
Field Ambassador
Telephone: 416-338-7755

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The Queensway and North Queen – Entrance to Sherway Gardens

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Our office received concerns over this intersection and the parking outlay within the mall around the entrance to Sherway Gardens.

Transportation Staff have confirmed they will improve the intersection with additional white lines to guide traffic and avoid any possible confusion over how the two lanes line up. No other measures are recommended.

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Our office has asked Transportation to assess this intersection for possible confusion around the pavement  markings at The Queensway & North Queen St. by Sherway Gardens guiding Southbound traffic.

Success! Transportation confirms they will arrange to have guide line pavement markings painted within the intersection for southbound through traffic. This work is expected to be done next spring.

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Charleston and Burnelm Speed Humps

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It was always the District Traffic Operations’ intention to treat Charleston Road/Burnelm Drive as one street given the connection between Bloor Street West and Burnhamthorpe Road. This was reflected in the letter sent to residents. Therefore, the humps have been installed on Burnelm. We are happy to see them finally installed on Charleston! We have confirmed with staff that the humps installed are to present standards.

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Construction at Bloor St. W. and Resurrection Road

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This road work is a part of the overall Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration. The current northbound lane restriction on Resurrection Road, as well as the left and right turn restrictions on from Bloor St. W. were instituted as a safety measure and to maintain traffic flow on Bloor Street W. These restrictions were put in place following observations made on the ground, and were not anticipated.

Work impacting the northbound lane of Resurrection Rd. is expected to be completed by November 7, 2017. Starting November 3, left turns from Bloor Street onto Resurrection Road will be permitted weekly from Friday evenings until Monday mornings. Construction equipment and fencing will be relocated in order to facilitate bi-directional traffic over these times.

Please note that due to ongoing roadwork on Bloor St. W. traffic will remain restricted to one eastbound and one westbound lane; as such, motorists will continue to be unable to make a left turn (traveling eastbound on Bloor St. W.) onto Resurrection Road during the regular work week, into 2018.

Please direct any future questions or concerns regarding the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration to:

Nathan Jenkins
Field Ambassador
Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration

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