Six Points Reconfiguration – Construction Notice #6

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The City of Toronto continues reconstructing the Six Points Interchange. Work is taking place southeast of Bloor Street West and Kipling Avenue (former Westwood Theatre lands), and at locations along Bloor Street West, Kipling Avenue, Dundas Street West, and Kipling access ramps.

Contract: 16ECS-Tl-01SP
Start Date: July 9th, 2018
Expected End Date: September 3rd, 2018
*Timeline is subject to change*

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Request for Left Turn Prohibition During Peak Hours onto Chauncey Ave. from Islington Ave.

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Our office received a request for a left turn prohibition onto Chauncey Avenue from Islington Avenue during peak hours. We inquired with Transportation who advises:

This prohibition would apply to all motorists and affect all residents and businesses in the community.  Also, it could displace traffic onto adjacent streets (e.g. Bering Avenue). As a result, community support would be required.

So then, if you will be directly affected by a left turn prohibition here please let us know how it may affect you. Contact us.

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Clarification – Left Turn Pavement Markings at Islington Ave. + Norseman St.

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In February, our office requested the Signs and Markings Unit in Transportation to review the need for a westbound left-turn lane to be designated through pavement markings on the east leg of the intersection.

We wanted to clarify that this request is for pavement markings only and not a left turn advanced signal.  The request was approved.

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Alternative Routes Around the Six Points Interchange Construction

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The ramp at St. Albans Road to Kipling Avenue (to/from northbound lanes) is open to motorists as of Tuesday September 4, 2018. Sidewalks remain open to pedestrians along the west side of Kipling Avenue for north/south travel.

For questions or concerns regarding the Six Points Interchange Reconstruction, please contact:

Nathan Jenkins, Field Ambassador



We shared this link in our June eNewsletter, but wanted to share again along with suggestions for an alternate route through Michael Power Place (a popular thoroughfare due to construction). 

This link will send you to the Six Points Interchange Construction website and will allow you to view active roadway, alternate route, and travel maps for the area. Click here to access. Scroll down to accordion menu for ‘Alternate Route Suggestions’.
Detouring through Micheal Power Place:

Heading eastbound towards Michael Power Place it is recommended that you either:

  1. ​Turn left onto Bloor Street from the Plaza; then make a left turn onto Aukland Road traveling southbound; then a left turn onto Dundas Street traveling eastbound; or
  2. ​Turn right onto Bloor Street, then turn left onto Kipling Avenue traveling northbound; turn right onto Burnhamthorpe Road traveling eastbound; turn right onto Dundas Street traveling westbound; then turn left onto Michael Power Pl.

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Old Mill Terrace and Storm Water – Sewers

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 There is an Environmental Assessment (EA) still ongoing in this neighbourhood titled ‘Baby Point Forcemain’ that is expected to be completed June 2018.  This study is looking at improving the aging sewer that services the Baby Point Wastewater Pumping Station.

This project is being carried out by Customer & Technical Support [READ] More Information


Old Mill Terrace will also be studied as part of the City’s Basement Flooding Protection Program (Study Area 51).  A Basement Flooding Environmental Assessment is planned to begin in 2020. The study will look at the capacity of the storm and sanitary sewers and identify infrastructure improvements to reducing future flooding during extreme storms.


Sewer Asset Planning group has recent CCTV info of Old Mill Terrace from 2016/2017. All of the sanitary sewers have already been planned for rehabilitation “lining” in the 2019 Capital Program.  The storm sewers are in better condition, however, some spot repairs are also planned for fractures and a defective connection. We have been advised this will not damage the resurfacing happening this year, 2018.

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TTC Policy re: Speed Humps on TTC Routes

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TTC Policy is as below:
  • Going over speed humps jostles bus passengers and could result in increased on-board injuries because bus passengers are not belted in, are often standing, and are not watching for sudden large bumps in the road;
  • Going over speed humps adds to customers’ discomfort and inconvenience and, as the transit system becomes more universally accessible to elderly, frail and disabled customers, this concern is accentuated;
  • Speed humps can result in undercarriage damage to buses with lowered ground-height clearances such as the low-floor vehicles now in the fleet; and
  • Repeated travel by buses over speed bumps could create an increased risk of structural and suspension fatigue-related failures that could not be consistently predicted and, therefore, would not be subject to preventive maintenance.


A message from the TTC:

The TTC is opposed to the installation of speed humps on any road on which we operate revenue service.  Given that the buses often operate with standing loads, the TTC see the installation of speed humps as creating an unacceptable risk to their customers.  And, it is for this reason that that authority for the installation of speed humps on roads on which TTC operates transit service rests with City Council.
The TTC  believe there is only one road section with speed bumps on which TTC operates infrequent scheduled service; and these were installed prior to a formalization of TTC’s policy related to speed humps and were therefore grandfathered. TTC will request that they be removed once the road is scheduled for resurfacing.

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Watermain Cleaning and Relining on Index Road

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The City of Toronto will be cleaning and structurally relining the watermain in your area starting in the month of June. During this process, the City will also replace the City-owned portion of any substandard water service pipes.

Contract: 18TW-CTS-03CWD
Start Date: June 2018
End Date: November 2018
*Timeline is subject to change.

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Watermain Cleaning + Relining on The Queensway from The East Mall to Kipling Avenue

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The water service is the underground pipe that brings water to your water meter and is owned by you and by the City. The part that the City owns goes from the municipal watermain to your property line. The part that you own goes from your property line to your water meter.

Contract: 18TW-CTS-03CWD
Start Date: June 2018
End Date: November 2018
*Timeline is subject to change.

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Road Resurfacing on River Valley Crescent + Other Local Roads [PRE-CONSTRUCTION NOTICE]

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The City of Toronto is planning to replace damaged curbs and sidewalks and resurface River Valley Crescent, Fiesta Lane, and Tanglewood Terrace. Inspection of the road shows that it needs repaving and sections of damaged curb and sidewalk need to be replaced to bring them to a state of good repair.

Contract # 18ECS-TI-14LR
Expected Start Date: JULY 2018
Expected End Date: DECEMBER 2018
*Timeline is subject to change. Future notice to be provided.

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Private Roadway Local Access ONLY on Viking Lane

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We wanted to give you a heads-up that NEW signs have been placed at the entry/exit points on Viking Lane restricting access onto Viking Lane from both Kipling Ave. and Dundas St. W. since this is a local road only.

We are aware that during the Six Points Reconfiguration construction there will be various diversions around this area. There is ample signage re-directing drivers into safe and planned routes during this time that don’t require an access via Viking Lane.

Should you have any concerns with signage, safety, accessibility or anything at all please do email us.

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