Prohibited Animals Review – Backyard Hens / Chickens – City Council Agenda Item LS20.1

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On October 3, 2017 City Council voted to allow a pilot project for backyard hens in four wards: Ward 5 (Councillor Justin Di Ciano), Ward 13 (Councillor Sarah Doucette), Ward 21 (Councillor Joe Mihevc), Ward 32 (Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon).

City Council agenda item LS20.1 – Prohibited Animals Review was considered by Municipal Licencing & Standards. Detailed information on backyard hens can be read under the Member Motions of this agenda item:



Toronto City Council Meeting Highlights from October 2, 3 and 4, 2017

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Council Highlights is an informal summary of a selection of the decisions that Toronto City Council made at its recent business meeting. This is a list from Oct 2, 3 and 4, 2017:

  • Financial support for cultural facilities     
  • Energy storage strategy       
  • Street-name signs       
  • Denouncing racism     
  • Symbols/flags promoting hate  
  • Backyard chickens pilot project  
  • Municipal election advertising  
  • Internship program for Muslim youth  
  • School food campaign    
  • Neighbourhood lending libraries    
  • Glenn Gould Day  


“Not Down the Drain” Campaign

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Every day many items are flushed down toilets or poured down drains that should not be. These items, such as fat, oil, grease, wipes and dental floss, can cause:

• Damage or blockages to home plumbing, which could lead to basement flooding
• Damage or blockages to the City’s sewer pipes located under the streets, which could lead to basement flooding
• Damage to pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants
• Harm to the environment and aquatic habitat in the Lake, local streams and rivers 


NEW – Grant Opportunity for Childcare in Ward 5

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Ward 5 is a medium-high priority for Children’s Services’ capital strategy. There is a new grant opportunity available to operators outside of schools to support the increase of infant and toddler spaces minor projects up to $500,000 and new builds or additions over $500,000. The deadline for operators to apply in Nov 30, 2017.

Grant applications and detailed information can be found here

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