2915 Bloor Full OMB Hearing In-Progress

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Section 37 allocation and improvements to the rear properties

Over the last few weeks Councillor Di Ciano’s office has received questions and requests from residents and The SKRA with regard to the revised proposal put forward by the Applicant.

Please appreciate that the Councillor’s Office is not staffed to carry out the duties of Professional Planners on behalf of residents for planning research. However the Planning Department does offer this service through the Research and Information Unit at a cost. Please email us should you need details on how to make this request, there may be a waiting list!

“We provide a Research Request service on a case-by-case basis. 
The Research Request fee is set by by-law at $120 per hour, for the recovery of staff time. 
Our approach is that we would speak with the requester, discuss and clarify the request, estimate the time required,
and if the requester approves, proceed with the work.  


An “Open Letter” to Residents from Councillor Di Ciano


Dear Resident,

My staff report and share accurately what they have been advised by City Staff.  My office is not privy to the meetings/conversation between the Parties including the SKRA. My office cannot provide legal direction to residents who have Party or Participant status at The OMB.

Only City Council can give direction to City Staff. I cannot re-direct them when the status is the same:   No settlement offer has been agreed to by City Planning.

The OMB Hearings are De Novo Hearings.  From a clean start (point zero) and not based on anything prior to the Hearing of Planning evidence. There is no need for concern over previous comments or assertions on either side.  The OMB adjudicates based on planning arguments only, not scuttlebutt or traded insults or innuendo. 

The outside resources referenced in my motion  are for the City Solicitor if needed, not anyone else. They are not required as this time as there is no settlement offer that has been agreed to by The Director of Planning.

Only if and when a settlement offer was accepted by the City’s professional planners (The Director of Planning) would our Solicitor be required to retain an outside planning consultant.  That is not the case at this time.

Please appreciate we are not only defending the Bloor By-law spear-headed by Mary in my office as much has FIGHTING the MID RISE Guidelines brought in by the previous Councillor as The Chair of Planning and Growth.

Please note:

Where the Mid-Rise Guidelines do not apply, they continue to represent good principles of urban design and can be used to augment local guidelines, particularly to address aspects of new development that were not addressed in previously developed local guidelines.

[READ] 2915-2917 Bloor Street West – Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Request for Direction Report

Best of Luck to all Parties and Participants commencing June 4th. I will be a witness called by the City Solicitor, see you all there!

– Justin

Section 37 and Improvements to the Rear Properties

The negotiations for Section 37 will be after the Chair of the OMB has rendered the Decision. Not prior.

Councillor Di Ciano has in mind the following:

  • Sunnylea Jr. School
  • Parklawn  Middle School
  • Streetscape improvements through the Kingsway Business Improvement Association
  • Traffic calming in The Sunnylea Neighbourhood to ameliorate the increase in traffic

Please note: As per the Official Plan, public section 37 monies cannot be used to improve private properties unless they are not-for-profit organizations providing community services and facilities.  The new fence and tree plantings along the lane way could be considered an eligible public benefit it is in the public rights-of-way.

As previously advised my office has worked with staff to highlight the importance of having a one-way lane-way and not a two-way as per city policy. I support a one-way lane-way with a landscaped “buffer” for the residential properties impacted.

As seen in our June eNewsletter