‘Bag Only’ Garbage Collection

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In 2008 the City introduced an automated curbside collection system where all single family customers are to use carts with lids and wheels that would be picked up by the City’s collection vehicles installed with automated lifting devices.  This system had many benefits, including cost efficiencies, enhanced collection productivity, reduced work related injuries, less littered garbage and easier handling for the resident.  In addition, four different cart sizes were offered – small to extra-large – with accompanying different rates, to accommodate:

  • how much waste a household generates;
  • encourage waste diversion; and
  • storage capacity within the residence. 

A bag only customer exemption policy was developed to recognize a resident may not have capacity at their location to store any of the four bin sizes, therefore eligibility criteria was developed and applied.  Allowing residents to otherwise switch from carts to bags would preclude the City from obtaining the above-mentioned benefits from an automated collection system.  Furthermore, existing bag only customers do receive an initial $55.19 credit, however it is offset from the costs incurred to purchase the mandatory $5 bag tag placed on each garbage bag set out at the curb for garbage collection. 

Garbage tags can be purchased at Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drug Mart City of Toronto Garbage & Recycling Information.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call Vincent Sferrazza, Director of Policy, Planning and Support in Solid Waste Management Services at 416-392-9095.