[NOV UPDATE] Purchasing Garbage Bag Tags

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Garbage Tags are now available online (shipping is free) and at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire stores. When put out for collection, Garbage Bins should not be overflowing. Garbage beyond what fits in your bin is considered excess and requires a Garbage Tag.

Excess garbage must be put out beside your Garbage Bin in a regular black garbage bag with a Garbage Tag affixed (tip: fasten it like a luggage tag around the knot of the bag). The price of the tag covers the cost to pick up and dispose of the extra garbage.

Excess garbage is different than oversized items. An oversized item is something that would never fit in your garbage bin, even when empty. Eligible oversized items are picked up on your scheduled garbage day and should be left half a metre (2 feet) from your Garbage Bin.

Proper set out of garbage is important as it contributes to cleaner neighbourhoods and allows for more efficient collection.


City of Toronto garbage bag tags are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart locations throughout the city and soon residents can purchase tags on-line on the Solid Waste Management Services home page. 

A communications campaign will be executed soon that will inform residents about Shoppers Drug Mart and on-line purchase options.

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