Request To Extend / Reinstate Bus Route On The West Mall [MARCH 2018 UPDATE]

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New TTC Service – Southwest Toronto

The second route is to provide new transit service on The West Mall south of Dundas Street to The Queensway. The TTC worked with Smart Commute Etobicoke South to identify this opportunity to serve businesses in the area. The service will operate between Kipling Station and Sherway Gardens bus terminal during peak periods. The service meets the top three things that would encourage survey respondents along the West Mall to use transit which are a connection to Kipling Station, a connection to Sherway Gardens and a bus stop in front of the workplace. This route is projected to carry approximately 740 daily customer-trips (450 daily new customer-trips to the TTC). The projected performance of the route exceeds the performance targets for new service. The new service will result in 40 boardings per service hour (target = 20) and gaining 57 new customer-trips for every $100 spent (target = 12).

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Our office has been following up diligently on this request. The TTC Service Planning group continues to conduct analysis with regards to service on the West Mall Road south of Dundas Street. They are currently assessing a fixed route service.  

A  ridership projection report using modeling software will be utilised. If the ridership projections pass service standards, the TTC would then have to do analysis to determine the funding options as there is no budget for service improvements in 2018. We hope to have the analysis completed by the TTC by the summer of 2018.

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