European Gypsy Moth Control Program 2018

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This spring Urban Forestry will be conducting a European Gypsy Moth Control Program in Ward 5.  A pesticide treatment will be provided for City-owned trees that are predicted to be severely defoliated.

Selected trees will either be sprayed with a pesticide containing Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurtsaki (Btk), a naturally occurring bacterium, or injected with a biological insecticide named TreeAzin. The spray will be conducted by contracted tree care companies Bartlett Tree Services and Arborwood Tree Services. The injection will be performed by TruGreen Ltd. The treatments, either 2 spray applications of Btk or one injection of TreeAzin, will be completed between May 14 and June 10, depending on the caterpillar’s development, the tree foliage growth and the weather conditions.

Pesticide signs will be posted at all spray locations 24 hours prior to treatment. The signs contain information about the pesticide, the applicator, the target pest and the date of the spray.  Signage is not a requirement for the injection treatments.


Private trees:

In January, Forest Health Care staff delivered notices to affected properties providing information on control measures that residents can implement for the control of the European Gypsy Moth. The City will work with homeowners by providing advice for the implementation of the treatment for trees on their property. The homeowners are ultimately responsible for treating privately-owned trees.


We recommend calling or emailing with any questions/concerns or of course our office at 

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