Wildlife Cruelty and City Protocol

Posted in Development, Ward 5

Regarding the recent incident at South Kingsway and The Queensway pigeons –

The City has suspended this work until the end of nesting season to ensure no further incidents of this nature occur. We have clearly instructed contracted workers to not touch, move or displace any nesting birds.
The City of Toronto is committed to abiding by conservation laws to protect the city’s natural environment and wildlife inhabitants. In the City’s contract for this work, it states that the contractor shall comply and conform to all statutes, laws, bylaws, regulations, requirements, ordinances, notices, rulings, orders, directives and policies of the municipal, provincial and federal governments, applicable to the work provided by the contractor. 
In future, the City will specifically highlight the Migratory Birds Convention Act as a general condition of contract documents for this type of work and address it in pre-construction meetings to ensure all contractors are aware of the obligations under this Act.